Gunditjmara Aboriginal Cooperative is an equal opportunity employer. When you commence work with us you will be provided with a comprehensive induction, including a copy of our employee handbook and provided with opportunities to meet with everyone within our organization and gain an insight into how we function as a service provider.

Throughout your time with the Cooperative you will be provided opportunities for professional development, be engaged in our engagement process making through community lunches, staff meetings and team meetings.

You will work within a recognized structure where you report to either a team leader or divisional manager, have access to information on your program funding, KPI’s and outcomes, have a work plan, prepare a monthly report on your progress towards achieving outcomes and engage in reflective practice.

See current vacancies listed below:

Kinship Carer Caseworker

Prevention & Early Intervention Coordinator

Manager, Children’s Services Jul 2018

Contact our Human Resource Coordinator for information on any of the listed vacancies