“We acknowledge the traditional custodians of the land of the Gunditjmara peoples and we pay our respects to the Elders past, present and future. As an Aboriginal Organisation we at Gunditjmara honour all that have come before us.”                        

Gunditjmara Aboriginal Cooperative Ltd is an independent community based not-for-profit Aboriginal Community Controlled Organisation (ACCHO) founded by a group of volunteers from the local indigenous community of the Victorian South West in 1979.

The Cooperative is a funded agency with funds provided by both Commonwealth and State Government. This funding is used to achieve outcomes set out by the funding body, and to improve the lives of community members. The Cooperative meets accreditation standards set out by funding bodies and is a child safe organization.

The Cooperative was incorporated in 1982 and we have grown steadily since then.

Services include:

  • Bulk Billed General Practice & Primary Healthcare
  • Family Violence, Out of Home Care, Leaving Care, Men’s & Women’s Support & Cultural Planning
  • Home & Aged Care services, Housing, Youth Justice, Youth Group & Koori Pre School

Gunditjmara means ‘belonging to person’ and the Gunditjmara Nation shares its borders to the west with the Buandig people, to the north with the Jardiwadjali and Djab wurrung peoples, and to the east with the Kirrae Whurrong. Our Nation’s totem is “Bunjil” the Eagle. The Gunditjmara today continue to act as the gate keepers of maintaining cultural practices through family kinship systems, dance, song, language, caring for country.

Gunditjmara people are traditional owners of an area extending from Portland in the south, around the coast to Port Fairy, Warrnambool and inland to Camperdown. Gunditjmara people are traditionally river, and Lake People, with Framlingham Forrest, Lake Condah and the surrounding river systems being of great importance to us both economically and spiritually.